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Montes Claros

Photo by: Fábio Maçal

    The Municipality of Montes Claros has several points of vast dimension to be explored. There is a several caves and a many archaeological sites.

    There are 164 sites listed, the main one is “Lapa Grande” speleological complex because of its archaeological importance, and as tourism potential: “Lapa D'Água“ and “Lapa da Nascente”, which hold in their sediments fossils registers of animals. They have ornaments of great beauty where appears the formation of the volcano speleothem of rare occurrence in Brazil, some more than 1 km underground river, which stand out beautiful waterfalls.

    “Lapa Grande” is located in the Sierra Vieira, setting it apart from other caves in the city due to its regional importance, considered one of the largest state with an area of 3 km of development.

    There is a potential, resouces paleontologist and landscape that, along with “Lapa Pintada”, “Lapa D'Água” and “Lapa Pequena”, creates a complex of great scientific interest.

Morro Dois Irmãoes
Foto: Fábio Maçal

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